Input Variables
Dr Relative density as fraction. Allowable range from 0 - 1 inclusive.
c Effective Cohesion (kPa).
φ Effective Friction (°).
γ1 Average effective density above base of footing (kN/m3).
γ2 Average effective density below base of footing (kN/m3).
γ2' Average effective buoyant density below watertable (kN/m3).
Zw Depth to watertable from base of footing (m).
ZB Depth to rigid layer ZB (m)

Burland Method (Granular Soil)
Saturated fine grained
N(SPT Triphammer)
Preconsolidation at footing level (kPa)
Kany Method (Cohesive Soil)
Emodulus (kPa)
Length of footing Lf (m)

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