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Slope Analysis for Reservoir Engineering

Salt, Graham. 1991 Doctorate Thesis (with Distinction) 1991, University of Innsbruck, (Supervisior: Prof. Walter Schober) 

Abstract and Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Literature Review
Chapter 3 Laboratory Testing
Chapter 4 Field Assessment of Strength Parameters
Chapter 5 Prediction of Groundwater Changes on Reservoir Filling
Chapter 6 Mechanisms for Rapid Landsliding
Chapter 7 Procedures for Assessing Landslide Mobility and Remedial Measures
Chapter 8 Seismic Stability of Reservoir Slopes
Chapter 9 Alarm Criteria and Monitoring for Hazardous Landslides
Chapter 10 Conclusions
Appendix 2 Computer Program for the Prediction of Groundwater Response to Reservoir Filling, Including Safety Factor Changes 
Appendix 3 Sensitivity Analyses for Landslide Submergence 
Appendix 4 Case Histories of Landslide Movements 
Appendix 4 Case Histories of Seismically Reactivated Landslides 
Appendix 6 Pore Pressure Effects in Rapid Landslides 
(Graham Salt)

Prediction of Effective Strength Parameters from Residual Strength Tests
(Graham Salt)

Alarm Criteria and Monitoring for Hazardous Landslides
(Graham Salt)

A small rock avalanche in toppled schist, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Large-scale toppling of schist in North-West Otago, Southern Alps, NZ; a precursor to rockslides and rock avalanches
Video-analysis of an extremely rapid rockslope failure, Nevis Bluff, New Zealand
Evidence of a post-glacial rock avalanche impact on Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Rock avalanche beside the town of Wanaka, New Zealand
(G.S. Halliday)

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